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Wakefield is proud of its Music Services.  It makes a major contribution to the musical life of the District, both in schools and in the community. Thousands of young people have enjoyed the experience of learning to play a musical instrument and participating in ensemble activities, whether at school or at one of the Music Centres. Many go on to take up a career in music; many others find that they have developed skills that will benefit them in later life.

The quality of tuition offered by Wakefield Music Services justifies the charges we have to levy. I hope that you will agree that the charge represents good value. It gives access not just to tuition but to a range of other opportunities in music. We have established a tradition in Wakefield of seeking and achieving remarkably high standards through the Music Services, as anyone who has seen and heard one of the district-wide ensembles, or who has attended a Music Centre event will know. With your support, music education will remain strong and vibrant in Wakefield and will continue to bring enjoyment not just to the students but the wider community. We hope that your child will be able to take advantage of the opportunities Wakefield Music Services offers and gain not only skills, but access to the sheer enjoyment of playing an instrument and making music.

The Wakefield Music Services Mission Statement

Wakefield Music Services will strive to provide excellence in music education in which every participating student is valued as an individual and is encouraged to achieve the highest standards; in which pupils are given the opportunities to learn instruments in small groups and to enjoy making music together.

Range of Service; Teaching Provision

More than 3000 children ranging in age from 7-19 years receive instrumental tuition throughout the Authority. It is provided by a team of specialist, experienced teaching staff.
Tuition is given in the complete range of orchestra/band instruments and there are additional opportunities in guitar, choral and theory classes.

Playing Opportunities

Ensemble opportunities are structured to provide a range of experience for the beginner through to the advanced player. There are five strategically placed regional Music Centres and six premier Metropolitan ensembles of national standing.